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Widen Your Film Chioce.

It is possible to reload 110 film cartridges yourself, with a little patience.  And if you load the film yourself, you are not limited to the commercially availble ISO 100 & 400, opening up B&W, hoorah!!

The method you use depends on the type of camera you have, and there are two to choose from.

Follow the instructions to find out what sort of camera you have and then let me know  your findings so I can add your camera to the list.

Preparation to Carry Out Test

1) With no film in your camera, open the back.
2) Leaving the back open, fire the shutter release then wind the camera on.
3) The camera shold now be able to advance without stopping.
4) Press the shutter.

Type A

If the shutter fires, you have Type A.

Type B

If the shutter does not fire, you have type B.

Going, Going, But Not Quite Gone....

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